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Can't make it to a workshop? Learn to style new and creative updos in your own free time by watching Lala’s tutorials! Learn how to work smarter not harder, cut your styling time in half and bring your skills to the next level with Lala’s innovative Bridal Styling Techniques.

Take advantage of a library of over 100 tutorials and 2 new ones added each month!⁣
  • Monthly membership: $19.99/month (you can cancel anytime!)⁣
  • Unlimited access to full library
  • All courses are in English with voice recorded over, explaining every step⁣

  • Bridal library includes:
    • Hair preparation
    • Braided styles
    • Textured styles
    • Curly styles⁣⁣
    • Half/up-half/down styles
    • Boho styles
    • Short hair updos⁣⁣
    • High & low buns
    • High updos⁣⁣
    • Mohawks⁣⁣
    • Hollywood waves